The Book

The final output of the project will be a book that will consist of 3 complementary parts.


In the first part, we will present academic/scientific texts that will be collected through an open call intended for scientists and researchers in the field of social sciences, arts and humanities (history, sociology, visual anthropology, art history and theory, political sciences, digital humanities etc). The focus of the open call will be topics such as political engagement of students, gender studies related to students' life, history of student culture, student lives through photography, oral history related to student lives, art context-based practices and student lives, art inspired by student lives, art from archives, etc.

In this second part, we present case studies of each of the AIRs that we will carry out, offering a theoretical reflection on this. Authors of the chapters will be the artists and curators themselves, and scholars who can offer an overview reflection.

Finally, in the third part, we offer or good practice texts that guide other researchers, curators, artists,  digital archivists, arts managers, and administrators, etc., in their practices. In form of the step-by-step methodology manual with recommendations for its implementation. The third part of the book will be available for download for the wider audience in PDF format on the project website. 

More about the Open Call  for the Book chapters is coming soon. 


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