Documenting and Archiving Student Life

The publication titled "Documenting and Archiving Student Life" was created as an integral component of the project "They Live: Student Lives Revealed through Context-based Art Practices," which received co-financing from the Creative Europe program.  The publication consists of three parts. The introduction explains the conceptual settings of the project and provides an overview of the archival practices of dealing with student related archives. The first part is the manual for archiving prepared by the ICARUS Croatia in 2021 titled "Archiving as a Process, the Archive as a Product and an Inspiration: Digital Archiving in the They: Live - Student Lives Revealed Through Context-Based Art Practices Project (Guidelines for Archivists)“. The second part brings the comments of the project archivists on their experiences in collecting, processing and describing the material. It is included in the publication with the intention of contributing to the transparency of the process and pointing out practical problems and possible solutions. The last part of the publication consists of texts by professional archivists who describe the practice of collecting student material in university archives. Their reviews represent the official perspective of university archives and are a valuable counterpoint to the impressions of project archivists.

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