• Participatory and Context-based Art 
    Through organizing context-based and participative Artist in Residence programs on campuses we provide resident students with the opportunity to participate, through work with an artist, in collaborative creation of art works. 
  • Common History and Values
    Through collecting photo and audio material about student population life from 1945 we contribute to the underrepresented aspects of the European heritage, raise awareness of common history and values and reinforce a sense of belonging to the common European space.
  • Digitizing of Data
    Through creating a pan-European digital archive on student life we document the memory and the knowledge of student life on the European continent and open up the possibility for interdisciplinary interpretation of vernacular intangible culture on student life in the European cultural space.
  • Methodology
    We focus on student life in relation with following topics: the everyday student life, campus-related life, cultural habits and free time, interpersonal relations, gender relations, socio-political engagement, in the time range from the end of the Second World War until contemporary days on the European level.

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