As part of the EU project "They Live: Student life revealed through context-based art practices", students from the University of Rijeka put on a particularly interesting performance with a clear message. In the natural environment of the university campus, the audience could hear about the students' problems in a relaxed atmosphere. The performance entitled "The mouth full of rights" occurred on June 8, 2022, at 9:00 pm.

Why don't we talk about problems? How can we take more responsibility together? Why does studying take more away from us than it gives? Why do we see more assistants than professors? Why is studying so expensive? How can I survive student life? These and many other questions were asked by students in the performance "The mouth full of rights".

The students read their problems and questions to the corresponding institutions from slips of paper. Then they eat them and in this way call the relevant institutions.  The students, under curatorial-artistic guidance, have decided to take a critical look at the inertia of the student population and at certain problems of the university education system of the faculties from which they come. The goal of the collaboration with students, in addition to the production of performances, is certainly the creation of quality foundations for a long-term, sustainable, and committed student activity within the framework of the organization of cultural-artistic, socio-political, and activist events. This is to be achieved by establishing an activist student initiative - a platform where students from different disciplines can network and inform each other about their rights.

The goal of this project is to involve students in the production of contemporary art through archival tools and to encourage them to participate, interact, activate and network with artistic initiatives in the local cultural scene.

Students: Leonida Cris Manojlovski, Mara Klanjac, Sarah Klešin, Katarina Kožul, Ana Marija Lončar, Agata Marić
Director: Nika Rukavina
Curator: Marina Tkalčić
Organization: Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Student Day Festival


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