They: Live goes Intellect!

They: Live goes Intellect!

The book we are about to produce within the project “They: Live, student lives revealed through context-based art practices” represents the final outcome of our undertaking and encompasses each of its different stages and levels. It aims to provide the whole picture and consists of three parts.

1) Academic texts from various scientific disciplines (history, sociology, anthropology, visual anthropology, aesthetics, cultural studies, etc.) on the topic of student life, collected through an open call;
2) Experiential texts written by artists and curators on organization and results of residencies;
3) A guide on methodology of organization of this type of Artist-in-Residencies (AIRs) programs in student campuses.

After doing a thorough bibliographic search,  (here, https://theylive.eu/download/they live list of recommended papers and books.pdf), we have concluded that there are no similar books on this topic in the publishing world, especially when it comes to analyzing lives of students on campuses.

Now, we have received the definite impulse to its publication with the signing of a publishing contract with Intellect. It is one of the most important international academic publishers focused on visual studies. I had the opportunity to publish with them three books related to the history of the Spanish cinema and the representation of urban spaces in cinema. These projects were highly complicated, given that I had to coordinate my work with more than 100 academics around the world. Despite this, it was one of the most ambitious experiences in my academic career.

So, working with Intellect again is exciting, because they are very professional editors who offer, above all else, exquisite care of their editions, but without forgetting human relationship with the authors: I always felt guided, their editors responded quickly to my queries and tried to find solutions in a win-win feedback. Therefore, I am sure that this new adventure will be very enriching and result in a high-quality publication that will be very useful in exploring the topics that mobilize our project.

Author: Professor Lorenzo J. Torres Hortelano, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) Madrid, Spain 

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