Open Call for Artists and Curators - FINISHED


AiR: Expression of Interest

The call is inviting art and social sciences professionals, with experience of and/or interest in interdisciplinary socio-artistic practices, participatory art and archives.


Brief description of the project

Project 'They: Live - Student lives revealed through context-based art practices' aims to engage the student population on student campues to participate in the production of contemporary art by using the tools of community archiving and Artist in Residencies (AiR) on campuses. Contemporary art practices have a large collaborative and participatory potential in revealing a specific view of the history and life of communities and the needs of their members.


Aims and rules of this call for expression of interest

We want to connect with a broad range of creative professionals who are interested in knowing more about this project and potentially creating proposals for the Artist in Residence program on student campuses.  

Our focus is on participatory art - a type of art fostering interaction and collaboration with the community, creating and exploring human relations, whatever the concrete form and medium it takes (such as, but not limited to relational art, documentary film, photography, digital art, mural art, installation art, drawing, architecture, etc).

Our ideal candidates would apply as a team of two (“artist” and “curator”)* and need to be community - centred - that is, in this case, to be ready to work with the local student population, actively including them in all phases of the project, creating work with and for the students, and by basing at least a part of their project on the newly developed digital student archive. Candidates need to have at least basic research and participatory art experience and be ready to spend time at the campus location, interact in situ and develop work. We will offer specialised additional training.

*If you are an artist and do not have a team/curator yet, it is OK to apply independently at this stage.

If selected, the candidates will be introduced to project coordinators who will present the project in more depth, sharing their findings of the student campus and digital archive, and visiting the campuses, before eventually submitting a concrete proposal for the AiR program.

Open call for expression of interest for an Artist in residency on student campuses in Belgrade, Rijeka, Madrid and Podgorica.


Who can apply

We are inviting a broad range of creative professionals from the fields of art, culture and social sciences - artists, curators, researchers, theoreticians, educators and such who might work in between fields and disciplines - to apply individually or as a team of two people (“artist” and “curator”) by sending:

- Short CV (up to 2 pages),

- Links to websites or other sources of information about their activities,

- Contact information (email).

The email should be titled “(city) AiR They Live”.

Send the material to:

The jury's selection will consist of members of the Institute for Contemporary Art, Cetinje, Montenegro.


Contact information

For inquiries, write to:



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