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Call for Chapters: Exploring Student Lives Through Photography, Oral History and Context-based Art



Lorenzo J. Torres Hortelano, Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC, Madrid), Spain.
Maida Gruden, Students’ City Cultural Center (SCCC, Belgrade), Serbia.

Andrija Stojanović, Students’ City Cultural Center (SCCC, Belgrade), Serbia.

Proposals Submission Deadline: June 20th, 2021
Full Chapters Submission Due: September 15th, 2021

Submission guidelines [link]

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This will be an open access book to be published by an international reference indexed publishing company (which will be announced later in 2021). It is aimed to analyze the most relevant aspects of the Creative Europe Project ‘They: Live’ - Student lives revealed through context-based art practices (2020-2023), through three distinct parts that correspond to its different milestones.


This call is limited to the first part of the book which seeks to involve reflections from various disciplines (history, sociology, anthropology, visual anthropology, political sciences, cultural and curatorial studies, oral history studies, history of photography, aesthetics of digital art and databases....) on the lives of students (University level) from Second World War to the present day. Within the project, photographs from private albums, archives, and oral history testimonies by current and former students will be collected, documented, and showed on Topothek open online platform.

Researchers are welcomed to use it, where other works as photographs, audio, texts databases and research are hosted.


They: Live project focuses on the following topics: the everyday student life, campus-related life, cultural habits and free time, interpersonal relations, gender relations, socio-political engagement of students, from the end of the Second World War until contemporary days on the European level. The field of research can be expanded beyond assigned topics of the project and from different angles and disciplines on student’s lives.


The second part of the book will encompass case studies about Artist in Residences programs on students’ campuses with essay contributions by selected artists and curators involved in the project. And the third part, written by members of the project consortium, will be a step-by-step manual with recommendations for implementation of the organizational methodology of this type of residential stay in student campuses and exhibits.


So, it will be an edited book, a mix of essay, case study and methodology book emerging from the research results of the European project They Live.



The objective of this book is to address a relevant issue that involves a multidisciplinary approach, that is, the relationships between students’ lives in the campuses, documentary vernacular photography, oral history, contemporary art, and students’ intangible heritage. It is aimed to offer a valuable contribution regarding the challenges and possibilities faced by contemporary art practices and the archiving of the everyday memory of student communities.

Student lives and their activities represent a live reservoir of innovative ideas and relationships, a source through which an evolutionary development of intellectual heritage can be followed, and a completely new view of the European culture and its future development can be established.

This is a relevant and current topic that makes the book suitable for scholars and professionals working in the areas of social sciences (history, sociology, anthropology, visual anthropology, political sciences, cultural and curatorial studies, oral history studies, history of photography, aesthetics of digital art, digital humanities etc). One of the strongest features of the book is the multi-national, trans-generational as well as multidisciplinary approach to the topic.

Therefore, papers need to address both the scientific and practical implications of the research.


Recommended Topics (but not limited)

Cultural studies on student lives - History of student culture, - Student lives from the perspective of sociology: everyday life in campuses, interpersonal and gender relationships -  Political engagement of students - Gender studies related to students’ life – Anthropology of students’ life- Students lives through photography  - Oral history related to students live - Genres of photography coming from students live - Art context-based practices and student lives - Digital archives related to student live photos - Art inspired by student lives - Aesthetics of the archive - Art from archives - Multimedia Art - Comparative view on students’ lives in different countries from the end of WWII until now


This is a list of related papers and books [link]



We are in discussions with international European academic high indexed publishers. This publication is anticipated to be released in Q1 2023.



Lorenzo J. Torres Hortelano

Senior Lecturer professor (tenure)

Rey Juan Carlos University and


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